The Approach of Rengo Tokyo

Kei OKADA President of Rengo Tokyo
President of Rengo Tokyo

Rengo is a national labor organization center in Japan. "Rengo Tokyo" was established in 1989 as one of the 47 total local chapters nationwide. Rengo Tokyo; Japanese Trade Union Confederation, works together with its member organizations across a number of industrial fields to support local working members.

We reached a total of one million union members in 2010, and are now striving to strengthen our organization by aiming for 1.2 million members. "'Challenge 1.2' movement", which aims for a total of 1.2 million members. In addition to improving the workplace conditions of all laborers in Tokyo, we are working to summarize policy and systemrelated proposals, as well as to issue appeals regarding the creation of a better society to the Tokyo metropolitan government, employer's associations and to political parties including the DPJ.
We also aim to realize a safe, laborbased society by participating in various initiatives such as volunteer and traditional regional events, making speeches on street corners, and offering labor consultation services.

Main Activities

Solving labor disputes and creating connections among fellow workers

We set up a labor union (Rengo Union Tokyo) in which you can get involved alone, then we support people who want to form a labor union and we do our best to resolve the worker's trouble of a labor consulting.

Annual spring labor offensive

Every spring, we aim to improve employment conditions through advertising campaigns aimed at joint struggles in this regard. Moreover, we take on the challenge of supporting local smalland mediumsized firms in order to reduce poverty and inequality.

Call for policymaking and institutional systems

For individual workers' problems that are unable to be solved through workplace negotiations alone, we issue demands to national and metropolitan political parties, as well as employer's associations.
Rengo Tokyo also strives to propose policies and systems through governmental and municipal councils.

Communitybased approach

We strive vigorously to realize locallybased policies and institutions with local assembly members through our 4 block liaison committees and 29 district committees. We also make public appeals regarding our movement throughout the year by making speeches in front of major train stations.

Peace, environment, and human rights

We tackle problems such as territorial issues; movements related to peace, the environment and energy; and discrimination such as human rights infringements.
Together with other organizations, we also demand the resolution of additional pressing national issues.

Disaster area support and volunteer work

We undertake daytoday tasks including volunteer training, coordinating withNPOs and disabled organizations, and commuter drills for returning home following a largescale earthquake. We also utilize our organizational strengths in areas such as donations and dispatching volunteers to disaster areas.

Labor Education

We conduct an educational campaign for a labor (Seminar, Provision of materials, Homepage utilization). We provide various educational courses according to needs, for a new union leader and a woman leader etc.
The endowed course of the university provides education and enlightenment about labor laws and a labor union.